Why I won’t ‘settle down’

“The journey is the destination”

Dan Eldon

After months, maybe years of searching I have finally awoken to this realisation. There is no destination, at least not for me. I will not conform, I will not ‘settle down’, and here’s why…

I do not wish to choose only one ending for my story.

Approaching my 27th birthday faster than I would really like, I begin to think about how the next chapter of my book will read. In reality, the next chapter should be the long chapter, the one where I choose a place to live, a job, maybe get married, even start a family, and live the routine for 40 years, until I am old enough to retire and start the ‘sunset years’, or the way the story ends.

But this is not what I will do. I do not plan on changing jobs once a year until I am 60. I do not plan on moving every 18 months. But I do plan on doing many things in that time. I do not wish to have one destiny when I can have many.

And I’m OK with that. I don’t need to conform to societal ‘expectation’. I just need to be happy. Happy every day in the little things, like my iced coffee on the way to work, like the smiles on the children’s faces when I walk into their classroom, like the sunset as I cycle home.

“Life is a journey, not a destination” (Ralph Waldo Emerson), and for me, the destination is the journey. I no longer need to look for the thing that will settle me, because I have accepted that I wont be settled.


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