4 Things you learn about Friendship when you live abroad

The best friendships last, regardless of distance.

When I first moved overseas I kept in touch with everyone regularly, but this inevitably dwindles with time, and sometimes even the people you have known the longest become estranged from your life. Often it’s simply down to a lack of effort on both sides, sometimes your lives become too different. That said, best friends will last regardless of how much time passes, these are the people that will message you after 3 months like they chatted to you yesterday, divert their flight route to visit you for 2 days, and generally always strive to be part of your life.

It’s not all about how long you’ve known each other.

Sometimes the best kind of friends come into your life in a moment. These are the people that understand you in an instant, it just clicks and it’s like you have known them forever even if it’s only been two weeks.

Physical presence is irrelevant.

In the age of so much social media, there is no need to be lonely. Video calls, messenger apps, photo sharing platforms, there are so many ways to stay up to date on each others lives regardless of where you are in the world.

It’s not always easy to put yourself out there.

Making new friends tends to get harder with age, we become more inhibited and simply don’t have the opportunities to interact with new people that we have at school and university. That said, everyone is in the same boat, so putting yourself out there is definitely the way forward, most people will be relieved by your offerings and excited to meet you, let loose!



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