8 things you should know before you quit your job to travel

It’s something I am working towards. They are things I know to be true. They are important words for anyone thinking of making this decision.

  1. You won’t care about money once you are on the road. Sure you might worry now about blowing your savings on a few months in South America, or a year in Asia, but honestly, once you are on the road, you won’t, you will spend your last penny on the best experiences you can find, and you will be glad you did.
  2. Friends, family, even long-term relationships will wait for you to come back. Anyone who really cares about you will encourage you to fulfil your dream, they’ll support you through it, hell they might even join you. So quit worrying about other people and focus on yourself first for once.
  3. You’ll get another job. In reality, the thing you will probably dread most is returning to your desk, that pile of filing and the creepy guy who never seems to leave the copy room. That said, you will find another job when you come home, you might just find yourself chasing after an entirely new career path as well.
  4. You’ll spend plenty of time alone. Life on the road can get lonely from time to time, but you’ll also make some of the best friends you ever had, and more importantly, you’ll learn that sometimes it’s OK to be alone anyways.
  5. You’ll appreciate everything so much more. The convenience that is the convenience store. The array of vegetables in the supermarket. The frequency of the subway. All very valid things to appreciate in life. But you’ll also mingle with new cultures and religions, open your mind to new possibilities and grow more tolerant that you might have ever thought you needed to be.
  6. You’ll understand yourself. More than that, you’ll understand what makes you tick and how to resolve it. What terrifies you and what drives you. How many chilli’s you can handle in your curry and how long you can sit in the sun before you become a piece of bacon. You’ll learn all about yourself, and that will make you even better at being you than you were before.
  7. You’ll become stronger. Things won’t always go to plan, you might lose your credit card or worse have it stolen, you might get sick, get injured or get lost. You’ll face unexpected challenges but also expected ones, like choosing to bungee jump, dive with sharks or climb a rock face. There will be so many challenges, such diversity of challenges, that you will learn that you are capable of more than you thought possible before, and this means that you will forever know that your own strength is not limited.
  8. When you come back, nothing will have changed. Other than your perspective, and possibly your looks. Life at home will be waiting for you when you’re ready to come back with sandy feet, elephant pants and a new tattoo, so just go already!

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