Amed: I could stay here forever

I left Ubud at the perfect time, before I overdid it and let the crowds and touts begin to irritate me, but not before my initial honeymoon-style infatuation wore thin. As much as I loved the classic Bali backpacker town, I needed to see more, and it was certainly time for some salt water. So I headed to Amed, in fact, I had been intending to go straight to the Gili’s but stories of boats engines blowing up only a week ago and the understanding that the journey would make me sea-sick, was enough to encourage me to try a Balinese beach first, and so I chose Amed, simply for it’s north-eastern location which would then let me continue South.

I planned to stay just two nights and owing to their being few hostels in the area, took the plunge and booked a homestay, then spent much of the bus ride over wondering if I had made a colossal mistake. In fact, I made the best decision I could have – I stayed with the loveliest family, Mum, Dad and their 5 children. They took me in and provided me with a beautiful double room, en suite and breakfast every morning. Anything I needed, they were there to advise upon and completely enhanced my stay in this quaint fishing village.

So naturally I extended my stay, to four days, spending them trawling the coast with a friend I had fortunately made on the shuttle bus (without her, staying alone in the homestay, I do not think I would have stuck around as long). We snorkelled on the beautiful reefs that lay only metres from shore and a Japanese shipwreck in a similar position. I made a morning trip to the Tirta Gangga water palace and simply fell in love with this laid-back corner of the island.

As with everything though, all good things must come to an end and I had to drag myself away eventually, but I am so pleased I changed my plans to visit this idyllic and less-travelled corner of the island, I’ll be back one day I am sure.


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