Padang Bai to Canggu: Things don’t always go the way you want them to, but they could always be worse

There are times when I truly wonder how I will ever tear myself away from this experience and back to the UK. I love the freedom of going wherever I want, whenever I want and staying as long as I want. Today however, was not one of those days. I woke up early as usual, sunlight streaming in through the dorm window which looked across onto the harbour in Padang Bai, a quaint fishing village overrun with tourists heading out on fastboat transfers to the Gili Islands and Lombok.

I awoke, not only to a beautiful view, but also a less beautiful gift from a dorm-mate, right on the toilet seat (I won’t elaborate, my stomach still churns). I then went for a truly underwhelming breakfast, a pineapple pancake which I shovelled sugar over until I could no longer taste it. It was OK though, today I was heading out of Padang Bai to Canggu, a stop on my trip that I have been excited about ever since I heard about it…it would turn itself around.

I took the decision to book an Uber cab rather than fighting with minibus shuttles and then taxi’s to reach the small surfers corner that is Canggu, only a short distance from the package holiday madness of Kuta (somewhere I am beligerently avoiding). And so I waited, no Uber, searching on app, cancel searching (I have one coming right?!) – now there is no Uber coming…reschedule Uber, wait one hour, same scenario…you get the picture, no Uber (looking back I was being naive to think it would be so easy!). So off to the central square I walked, backpacks on my front and back, to find a car, bus or really anything to get me there. After some bargaining I agreed on a taxi as the shuttle was not leaving for another two hours and would stop in many towns, taking 3-4 hours in total, I simply wasn’t ready for that after the morning of disasters (perhaps disasters is a little strong, it just hadn’t been especially smooth).

As I sat in the car with my friendly driver, Ketut, I took stock of the events of the day (it was now only just approaching noon) and felt really that it wasn’t so bad, far worse things could have happened to me, I was a little shorter on cash than before, but that was all, and in the grand scheme of things, I wouldn’t notice the extra $10.

We pulled into Canggu and found my little spot – Serenity Guesthouse, a beautiful Eco lodge made of bamboo with a healthy restaurant and yoga classes all day…it’s time to be a cliche and find my zen-zone in Bali, I think I need it!



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