Canggu: Where I actually find out if I can balance

One night in Amed I was thinking through some of my ‘Balinese bucket list’ items, and decided it was time to schedule in some yoga, I mean, it would be wrong not to on an island so full of possibilities! I had heard about the small surf village of Canggu, near to crazy Kuta but a world away from the madness, and decided to make it my stopping point in Southern Bali. A quick google search introduced me to Serenity Eco Guesthouse and Yoga, and just like that, I had a plan.

I signed up for five classes, feeling comforted by the many options available to beginners, as in reality, I haven’t done much yoga since I was at university, and I was certain to be completely out of shape. It was easy to slip into a simple routine of classes, meals and some time by the pool or beach, I didn’t feel a need to do much more exploring and simply settled into the relaxed pace of life. I did make a trip over to Seminyak to meet up with an old high-school friend who was staying there, and the other direction up to the under-whelming Tanah Lot temple, but otherwise, I simply existed for a few days. Sometimes you don’t need an agenda or a plan, you just need to be, and here I found a way to be content without trying.

Canggu itself was far more upmarket than I was expecting, with nice boutique stores and a whole range of restaurants. Being faced with so many delicious food options I instantly steered away from the Indonesian food I had become accustomed to, welcoming the change and embracing pasta and taco’s like they were long lost friends, because, when you can, why not?

Thinking back, I achieved my goal of becoming a bit more zen, as I barely seemed to notice the time of day whilst I was there. I also proved to myself that I was still bendy enough and with almost enough balance to do some yoga once in a while…now I just need to keep it up!


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