Dalat: Getting sick on tour

I arrived in Dalat, a town in the central highlands of Vietnam, around 9pm after an 8h bus ride from Ho Chi Minh. The bus was comfortable, with sleeper seats despite it’s day time departure and passed faster than expected. The distance might not look far on the map but the journey is long and winding into the mountains so takes time!

On arrival I was starting to feel myself coming on with a cold and decided to get some sleep and hope for a brighter tomorrow. It was cooler in the mountains and with only a cold shower available, I was happy to curl up in my bunk for the night.

Saturday came and the truth was out – I was sick, on tour. It sounds dramatic but when you are travelling you don’t want to miss a single day and I was devastated to feel so low. I headed out for breakfast and located a friendly pharmacist who hooked me up with some cold meds. I tried to keep going, walking around town and down to the lake, but I just wanted my bed, and had to retreat.

Determined not to miss out on Dalat I booked a tour for the next day to pick me up at 8:30am, I would be well enough, if not, I would suck it up, and that is just what I did. I enjoyed seeing the coutryside and the Pongour Waterfalls, but in honesty, I just didn’t feel enthusiastic enough. That night I boarded the bus to Danang (set for Hoi An) and slept for most of the 14h ride.

I am sure Dalat is a great place but when you are low, you’re just low and the cold and rain combined with it didn’t help. It was best to move on and find some enthusiasm elsewhere!


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