Hoi An to Hue via the Hai Van Pass

I was faced with three options when deciding how to get from Hoi An to Hue; I could take a 3h bus through the tunnel (boring), I could take a bus to Danang and a train along the mountainside (better), or I could go via motorcycle over the Hai Van Pass. The Hai Van Pass is a mountain road that connects blissful Hoi An with Hue. Previously it was the main link between the two cities, however a tunnel has now been constructed through the mountain to speed up the journey. Naturally, I chose option three.

It seemed that everyone in Hoi An wanted to tell me I had made the wrong choice, it was raining in Hue, I would get drenched on the bike, I should stay in Hoi An longer… Blah, blah, blah. I like to think that most of them were really just wishing that they had done the motorbike rather than spending three hours on a bus…

Anyway, I set off with my trusty driver Roy and by some form of a miracle Typhoon Sakira had gone north towards China (sorry China) and I got a glorious day for the ride. The journey took me to a few sights along the way including the marble mountains in Danang and some smaller villages and beaches. The highlight though was the pass, a beautiful winding road across the mountains with views of the ocean dropping dramatically to the side. The road was made famous by Top Gear a few years back and is quite a tourist draw but I didn’t envy the hoards disembarking from their coaches, there really is no better way to enjoy this journey than on a bike with uncut views at 360 degrees.

So that’s how you make what could be a dull travelling day into one of the highlights of your trip. It’s very easy to arrange and you can drive yourself and drop the bike off in your destination town, or hire a driver (naturally this costs a bit more but I enjoyed having my hands free to take photos (just kidding Mum, I held on firmly the whole way) and not having to worry at all about where I was going, traffic, my driving capabilities etc.).



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