Coming Home: 6 weeks on

So my adventures ended, after a quick jaunt around Inle Lake, a trip on the road to Mandalay and a final feast at the Little Rangoon Teahouse in Yangon, I was on a plane to Bangkok, spent my last 4 hours in the amazing LubD Siam hostel and jetted back to Manchester via Helsinki (where it was snowy and I was in cropped leggings and a hoody).

After 5 years and 2 months of amazing adventures; 4 jobs on 3 continents and a total of 17 countries visited, I made the decision to move back to the UK ‘permanently’ in March of last year. It was a decision founded on a number of things, the need for stability, both financial and social, the need to focus on different aspects of my life and the desire to be closer to family and friends. Most importantly, I had so many goals which were overlooked because I was working long hours, didn’t have the means or simply, geographically, couldn’t fulfil them. I wanted to create a new life, with more focus on me and less focus on work, to spend a couple of years pursuing other goals to see where I would end up.

So I quit my job, the position that had failed to satisfy me through a lack of challenge and a weight of responsibility unmatched by the rewards. But I wasn’t ready to dive onto a plane to the UK, I travelled, in Cambodia with my Mum, and then through Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar, which you’ll know all about if you have read my blog before. During my adventures I was fortunate enough to secure a job in the UK ready for when I got home.

Coming back to the UK has been a learning curve all of it’s own, it is so long since I have lived here that I struggle with basic things like how to manage my utility bills or decipher all of the different broadband package options. It hasn’t been smooth sailing, I struggled to settle on a flat, although eventually ended up in a place I am comfortable, I drowned my new iPhone just weeks after getting it (although it fortunately made a full recovery), setting up a new place with limited funds hasn’t been easy either, but I am getting there now.

What’s next is the pursuit of those goals and dreams, the need to start realising elements of my dreams to make this choice worthwhile. As we enter 2017, I am in a new place, creating my own reality and no longer limited by the complexities of my work or environment. I enjoy my new job but I leave it in the office, and come home by 5pm to take time for me. I am excited about what lies ahead, and certain it will involve as many trips and adventures as possible along the way.


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