Just the good, no bad, no ugly: Coming home, 2 months on

If I told you that I had been in the UK for 2 months, after spending 5 years and 2 months overseas, and you asked me ‘how’s it going?’, you might expect me to rattle on for hours about the weather, feeling tied down, the amazing things I was doing 1, 2, 3 and 4 years ago today… We spend too much time dwelling on what we had and what might have been, and not enough time appreciating our own decisions. There is no need for justification, but there is a need to celebrate the highs and be grateful for our circumstances. So here’s to the good, the reasons that I am glad I made this decision.

  1. I have the means to put my own needs first. This ties into the freedom that comes with having a less demanding job (of my time specifically), and the amenities that the UK holds, like supermarkets that stock a huge range of vegetables and a gym 5 minutes walk from my front door. 2017 is all about being healthy and healthy means happy.
  2. I am achieving the things I hoped to. Even just 2 months in I can see myself progressing towards my goals. These are not new aims, but things that were always sidelined by work or play. Life abroad is demanding of your time in so many ways, and I have no regrets for seizing (almost) all the opportunities that crossed my path, but they came at the expense of my time. For me, a huge goal for this year is to write as much as I can, and here we are, January 19 and I have already gotten articles published on 2 websites that I haven’t previously featured on.
  3. I enjoy work, but I have more separation with my home life as well. I am no longer living and working and socialising and everything with the people I know. I am suddenly finding that I can spend holidays with uni friends, weekends with family and vacation with travel buddies. That’s balance, and it’s good.
  4. I can travel to the places that have been lingering at the top of my bucket list for years. I am centrally located, less restricted by my financial situation and well located for Heathrow airport. It’s time to check off some of the long pursued, dream destinations.
  5. I have a home. I have a base that is not just a temporary rest stop but a permanent home, somewhere I plan to be for some time. I can lay down roots without questioning their worth and buy useful things like a can opener without wondering if it is worth it.
  6. I can see the future and all of its possibilities. Although I don’t know where I will end up or what path I will take, I can see a range of opportunities and I am so excited by my options.
  7. I can try all kinds of new things. I can take classes in the evening to develop my writing, my Spanish or practice yoga. I am in a place where there are so many things to try like trampolining dodgeball courts and ninja warrior classes, and I finally have the time and the resources to give some new things a go!

2 thoughts on “Just the good, no bad, no ugly: Coming home, 2 months on

  1. ThisDarlingAdventure says:

    Great perspectives 🙂 thanks for sharing. I especially admire the point you made about having a home base… that is something I have come to appreciate living outside of my home country as well…. and yes, it feels awesome to be able to buy a can opener!


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