Vitamin Sea: Same beach, fresh perspective

After three months on the rollercoaster that is UK ‘adult’ life, it was time to get off and take a break (aka I had some vacation days to use by the end of March and I wasn’t planning to waste them). During my years abroad, I always tried to plan holidays to allow for time with family and friends, and to explore new places. This holiday presented a new type of opportunity, a chance to go back to one of my favourite places, hang out with old friends, and return to some of my favourite spots. The sceptical side of me questioned whether it is ever right to go back to something you loved so much at the time, but the logical part was drawn to such an obvious choice, to return to my old home in Playa del Carmen, Mexico whilst one of my best friends was still there.

It might not have been an opportunity for a new passport stamp, but this trip came , without predetermined pressures or goals. I did not spend the week trying to see as many new things as I could, pouring over a Lonely Planet and dashing from one activity to the next. Instead, I spent it catching up with as many old friends as time allowed. revisiting my favourite spots and, importantly, relaxing, something I didn’t do enough of the first time around.

It seems that I’ve found a place in my life for return vacations, serving a different purpose to new explorations. The same beach gave me a fresh perspective on where I was in my life, how much I had grown since I left that version of paradise, and what I was moving towards. Ideal at this stage of my ‘return to real adulthood’!

Vitamin sea is always good for the soul.


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