How I plan to fund my 2017 adventures!

As 2017 get’s off to a flying start (really, how is it March this week already?!), I’ve already managed to cram in a week in Mexico, and let me tell you, it was an excellent start. Aside from that, my current travel plans for this year will hopefully feature all or most of the following:

  • A weekend in Dubrovnik, Croatia with my Mum (booked for May)
  • A long-weekend in Lisbon, Portugal in early July with a friend who is visiting from Australia
  • A week on the beach (anywhere) with my bestie this summer
  • A week in Malawi visiting friends
  • Two weeks somewhere I have never been before on an adventure (current contenders for this are Peru, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines)

I read a lot of things online where people are questioning how on earth anyone affords to spend every vacation day they have travelling overseas, but that’s pretty much my aim, and I get a good number of vacation days!! Here are a few of the things I am doing to achieve it:

  • I don’t have a car, and walk to work and around town all the time, so I save £200-300 a month, and I’m much healthier
  • I shop in low-cost supermarkets rather than buying brands (for most things)
  • I limit my personal shopping and treats like clothes and haircuts to what I really need and only a couple of things in a month
  • I make my lunch and take it with me to work rather than buying ready made food every day
  • I book flights on a credit card so that I can spread the cost over a couple of months salary, but I pay it off within 2 months so that I don’t pay  interest
  • I try not to waste things, I freeze extra food and make salads or pasta dishes with the veggies that need to be used from my fridge

It isn’t anything huge or life changing, I am not living on instant noodles or restricting my life completely. I don’t work five jobs or do any crazy gambling…I just look at what I have, and choose to prioritise travelling, and then I figure out how to cut down on what I spend. I’m always happier with a plane ticket waiting in my inbox after all!!


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