5 months home: Understanding the importance of time

Time permeates every aspect of our lives. It has been an integral facet in my own determination of my success throughout the relocation back home. I judge myself on my ability to utilise time efficiently. I become anxious if I feel that I am wasting time or using it unproductively, and unnerved by the apparent portion of my life I dedicate to activities that are essential, but not of my own choosing.

I am however learning to comprehend the importance of my focus on time and how it impacts upon my happiness and feelings of self-worth. My perception of time is closely linked to my need for balance in different areas of my life. As such, I manipulate my office hours which are, thankfully, flexible, to maximise the output of my day. This is how I am adapting, and offers me what I need to meet my goals and feel successful.

I am also, by contrast, growing to understand that detracting my focus away from time is a good thing in some situations. On a sunny Sunday in the park I don’t need to feel concerned with how long I’ve been idling over my book. Instead here I need to live in the moment and feel content with the happiness and contentment it brings.

In a broader sense, by acknowledgement of time for adaptation and adjustment purpose is fostered. With every month that passes I am a little more settled, a little better prepared for the next challenge that life flings at me, and a little further from dreaming of the days that went before. This is a slow process that cannot be rushed, and time is central to its success.

When I apply this concept to my plans for the future it can be further escalated. My senses of progress and success are closely linked to one another. When I think about my dreams of independence and self-sufficiency, and I understand that I don’t need to achieve them tomorrow. I need to learn patience, to judge my progress in appropriate intervals and to set reasonably time-constrained goals. It’s OK to live as I am for a few years, so long as I am moving towards the upgraded version as I go.

It’s not how fast you get there, it’s that you are becoming closer that matters.


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