About Eli

Current Location: ENGLAND (a.k.a. home sweet home).

I’m a travel enthusiast who recently discovered a love of writing. I like to empty my head and order my thoughts via my keyboard. This blog follows my journey from Cambodia, the last stop on a five-year period spent working my way around the world, back home to the UK and through my current pursuits. By day, I currently plan educational expeditions for high school students in Vietnam and Myanmar. By night, I type. This works out well for me because, if I learned anything from my own adventures, it’s that travel broadens your horizons so far you literally cannot see them anymore, so I want to encourage others to do this too. Oh, and I studied education, so that helps! Follow me as I try to grow as a writer, navigate UK life again, and plan excessive numbers of vacations.

Currently writing for:

GoAbroadThought CatalogHuff PostMatador NetworkRead Unwritten

Check out my Instagram @wandering.eli for photo’s of my travels, avo on toast exploits, coffee addiction imagery, wine daily, and my other life loves.

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