Bali: You passed by in a blur of happiness

I finally waved goodbye to Bali and headed over to Java. My final stop on the island was Permuteran, where I spent just one night. My last day in paradise spent on the beach, watching the waves from the comfort of a sun-lounger, kindle in hand, I had everything I needed.

It wasn’t easy to move on, Bali had delivered so many fantastic opportunities and experiences, but with so much possibility on Java, it was time to sample some new adventures.

I decided to make the journey like a local, taking the Bemo (minibus) from my homestay over to the port in Gilimanuk, and boarding the ferry to Java. The ferry ticket cost only IDR6,000 or around 30p, and I was pleasantly surprised by the large boat that awaited me. The crossing was smooth enough for even my stomach to handle and before I knew it, I was in Java, being herded into another Bemo by a driver who assured me he knew where my homestay was.

Checking the time, I was shocked, it was only around an hour since I had set off, but it felt like much longer…what I hadn’t realised was that there was a 1-hour time difference between the two islands, which my phone had automatically updated to!

I arrived at a simple but friendly homestay in Banyuwangi with very few expectations for the town, as I was really only using it as a base from which to visit Ijen, the large, sulphur filled volcano. That said, a walk around to find some lunch left me surprised by the friendliness of the locals. The homestay was a little out of town, lined with rice fields and a view all the way to the ocean, it was really beautiful and the perfect introduction to the next chapter of my journey.


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